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The Innovation of printing Houses

The Innovation of printing Houses

There is now a process to automate the house building process, some home builders have chosen this time effective efficient as a method of construction and the results are exemplary. 

These printers have the capacity to build walls, roofs and floors of PassivDom's 410 square foot model in about eight hours. An upcoming Ukrainian home builder PassivDom uses 3D printing that has the ability to print parts for tiny houses. Other parts of the construction like the windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are then added by human workers.  

On completion these homes are both autonomous and mobile, so they are already built with their own external electrical and plumbing systems it also features a solar system via solar energy which is stored within a unique battery, this has a direct connection to the house, so when water is collected and filtered from the humidity, it also has an in built sewage system. 

The startup launch was rolled out in spring 2017, it has received in excess of 8,000 pre-orders  in the United States for it homes which begin at 64,000. The first 100 were due for delivery just last month.

This is just the new phase of construction for the home building industry, robots and 3D printing are an effective, efficient way within the construction world and this is just the tip of the iceberg that is yet to come!

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