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Setting your printer to Black and White

Setting your printer to Black and White

This is obviously something that is very commonly discussed and yes there is an easy way in Windows to default your printing to black and white. Some inkjet printer will still utilise some colour where needed as the print heads need to be kept clean and free of ink build up. If the printer didn’t perform this maintenance when you do print colour you will find white lines appearing throughout the document. . 

Epson printers do not take well to this method as their printer heads have the tendency to clogg even when used in full colour mode. Defaulting to Black and white could potentially cause major issues with the print head.

Canon and Brothers printers are on the other hand usually not as likely to encounter these issues as much. If you are happy to default your printer to black and white follow the steps below:

For computers with WINDOWS Operating System:

  1. From your computer, select Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes
  2. Right-click the name of your printer
  3. Select Printing Preferences
  4. Select the Advanced tab, then under the Colour printing section, select Print Colours as Black and White
  5. Click OK

This is a great way to always print in black and white without having to manually change your settings every time, however it is advisable to change your setting back to colour every fortnight or so and print one page of colour. Routinely doing so will allow you to keep your printer head clean and inhibit any clogging with ink that has been sitting idle in the colour print nozzle for long


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