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Canon Support Code 1731 Error Message

Canon Support Code 1731 Error Message

Canon Support Code 1731 Error Message

Canon printers may present an error message 1731 Support Code Error message if it detects an attempt to use a generic cartridge in its printer. You can still utilise a generic ink cartridge if you use the correct process.

A simple method to combat this is, is to refrain from updating your printer software. Not updating your printers software will not result in any issues and the updating process itself does nothing to enhance the performance of the printer anyway, deeming it completely unnecessary. The following models can be affected by the software update including: MG5760, MG5765, MG6860, MG6865 and MG7760.

Error Message Solution

When the error message does occur all you need to do is click on the “Do not detect” and continue printing. If you have updated your printers software you will find the error message to appear, or if you have a very new printer and the firmware has been installed at the factory. In order to combat the issue, you will need to disable the ink detection function on your printer.

To disable this function, press and hold the stop button on your printer for a minimum of seconds and then release.

You can then continue to print as per normal however you will not be able to check the levels of your ink. So if the function for detecting the remaining ink levels is disabled, the ink tanks will display in grey on the LCD screen when checking the ink levels.

If you are going to follow this method you will need to ensure you consistently check your ink levels by physically moving the cartridges frequently when you suspect they may be running low.

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