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5 Benefits of Flash Storage for Commerce

5 Benefits of Flash Storage for Commerce

The way in which we choose to store our data is a forever changing concept. Only a few years ago we were utilising CD-ROM which are now virtually obsolete. Most new PC’s don’t even allow for CD rom compatibility which just goes to prove how historic they are becoming.

Tech heads are now advising that all data will be stored on the iCloud, however this is not suitable for all users especially organisations and businesses. Presently the majority of the world’s information and data is stored on physical mediums such as drives and hard discs.

In the last few years Flash Drive and solid state drives (SSD) have become more commonly adopted as a method of data storage. Unlike HDD, Flash storage has no moving parts and all actions are performed silently and electronically.

Flash Storage offers a number of benefits.

  1. Faster Access Data

Speed is one of the ideal reasons for using Flash Drives, Testing shows that Flash drives are up to 100 times faster than a classic HDD, and that speed is developing every year.

  1. Durability and Disaster Recovery

Over time SSD’s are not the most reliable method of storage, as it is subject to constant rea/write requests. However because there are no moving parts, Flash storage is will not allow for spontaneous breakdowns that occur in HDD, such as disc scratching or head breaking.

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption

For the majority of technology users the main issue with flash storage is the cost, there is a difference between HDD and Flash that being that HDD is viewed as inexpensive as oppose to Flash.

  1. Portability

The convenience of being able to transfer flash from one device to another is part of the appeal of the medium. However lap top users are more interested in SSD’s. For individual users flash storage carries the convenience of being light and carrying large amounts of data at all times. At a business or organisations level it means more manageable server rooms which means more usable space for the business.

  1. Advances in Large –Scale Flash Technology

In recent years the market for all-flash array (AFA’s) has experienced huge growth. Traditional forms of business data storage are being interrupted by this new technology, which has proven to be highly economical and very scalable in storage solutions terms.

With all the advantages listed, and additionally the fact that AFA’s do not involve complexed installation processes, the move to flash storage is more technologically sounds and effective.

Traditional HDD’s are still vital when it comes to IT infrastructure, so don’t be quick to dispose of this just yet. That being said Flash storage is going to play a much large role as technology continually improves and the prices also fall. It is imperative you and your business get the most out of solid state storage.              

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