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10 Facts about Google

10 Facts about Google

10 Facts about Google.

Google was founded back in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin whilst studying at Stanford University as 21 year old computer science Ph.D student. One year later they began writing programs for a search engine called Backrub, the name came from the program’s ability to do back link analysis.  It was a unique search engine in its concept, due to its capability to rank a web pages relevance based on the number of pages along with importance of each of those pages, that linked to its initial site. After receiving great reviews on Backrub the two began working on Google.

After some time of seeking funding finally Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim decided to invest $100,00 in Google and get it off the ground, they later raised another $900,000 as their initial round of funding. In 1998 Google Inc. opened in Menlo Park, California and a beta search engine was essentially obtaining 10,000 searches every day. In 1999 Google officially removed the beta from its title and was officially its own search engine.

Here’s some suprising facts about Google you may not know!

  1. Google estimates that it roughly cost $10 million to advertise on its homepage.
  2. The name Google is actually a misspelling of the word Googol. A mathematical term meaning 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  3. Google ‘doodles’ started in 1998 with a stick man placed behind the logo, it lets users know the founders had gone to the Burning Man festival.
  4. Google doesn’t use lawnmowers to cut its grass. In 2009 they rented 200 goats to chow down the grass at their HQ.
  5. The google homepage is available in over 80 languages; in case of alien invasion one of these languages is Star Trek’s Klingon.
  6. Google has its own dinosaur called Stan. The T-Rex skeleton lives at their Californian HQ.
  7. Yahoo turned down the chance to buy Google for $1 million in 1997; today it is worth $200 billion. Yahoo is worth $20 billion.
  8. Googles first Tweet was “I’m 001 1000 0011 10001 1100100 0011100…” (etc) It means
    “I’m feeling lucky” in binary.  
  9. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button costs Google over $100 million a year, in lost ad revenue. It remains as studies show it comforts users.
  10. Google has more than 1 million servers – 2% of the world’s total. It receives over 1 billion search requests every day.

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